San Pedro ceremony Cusco


San Pedro (Trichocereus pachanoi) is a cactus with a column-like shape, which can become gigantic. It grows in Mexico, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. In these last two countries, it is being used in shamanic rituals.

Etymology and denominations:

There is a belief that the name San Pedro is referring to the cactus´ enteogenic properties, as it carries the name of the Christian Saint who keeps the keys of Heaven. In Central America, San Pedro also receives the names of “aguacolla” or “gigantón”.

The San Pedro is a tall cactus with a column-like shape and a rapid annual growth of about one meter and its diameter increases around 12 centimeters.

Pure mescaline has the aspect of little white-colored crystals and its flavor is very bitter.


BEFORE THE CEREMONY: The people interested in the SAN PEDRO ceremony will have fill in a medical form for a personal evaluation of their physical condition and will have to sign it, in order to give veracity to the information given to SUMAC COCA TRAVEL.  

The people interested in the SAN PEDRO ceremony, will have a preliminary conversation with the Shaman or Healer who will perform the ceremony, in order to allow the latter to diagnose their physical and emotional condition and know about the interest they might have regarding the use of the MASTER MEDICINAL PLANT and so that a mutual trust relationship might establish itself between the participants and the person who will perform the ceremony.



The ceremony will start around 7:00 a.m., going to nature, as this kind of ceremony is normally performed in the light of day, in order to get better results, due respect to the effects that might occur in the organism. Therefore, that ceremony has to take place during a walk that will last all day, passing by a variety of places, so as to better feel or enjoy the plant´s effects.


·         After having ingested the medicine, you will have a different perception of your body and will feel lighter and sensitive to what you perceive in your surroundings.

·         Possible vomiting or expulsion of the ingested plant, like a purifying purge of your organism, as what is expulsed is only what was ingested or simply, you won´t have any of these sensations and this will depend a lot on your general physical and emotional state and whether or not you followed correctly the indications given in the agency and by the Shaman.

·         You will go through moments of visions throughout the day, during which you will have a chance to appreciate nature with more interest and sensitivity than in normal conditions.

·         At the moment that you will be under the SAN PEDRO´s effect, you will feel more sensitive to anything that might occur around you.

·         At the end of the ceremony, you will feel tired and still with the effects present in your mind and will feel like resting due to the mental work undergone during the whole day.



After the San Pedro ceremony, each participant will have an analysis and conclusion conversation with the Shaman about everything that happened during the ceremony and especially, on his/her general state, as well as on the interpretation of visions if he/she had any, in order to offer him/her a complete service and eliminate doubts regarding all of what he/she had the chance to experience during the process of the ceremony. This conversation will take place on the same day, after the ceremony.

Strict diets to participate in an San Pedro Ceremony 

One to three days before the ceremony:

·         Do not eat meat, fish or seafood of any kind

·         No citrus fruit (lemon, grapefruit, orange, tangerine, pineapple, kiwi, passion fruit)

·         No pills nor chemical medicine of any kind

·         No smoking of any kind of tobacco

·         No ingestion of any kind of alcohol

·         No ingestion of any kind of drugs, being legal or not

·         No sexual activity of any kind

·         Women who have their periods, are pregnant or breast feeding SHOULD REFRAIN

·         People with heart problems SHOULD REFRAIN.


drink water and nothing else during the whole day, until the time of the SAN PEDRO EREMONY


·         Do not consume any alcoholic beverages, at least one whole day after the ceremony

·         Rest to regain energies lost during the previous night

·         As far as food is concerned, you will be able to go back to your normal diet.


An overdose provokes dangerous arrythmia. Therefore, such a case must be considered as a medical emergency. The effects of a bad experience can be reduced with 20 mg of diacepam (Valium®) or be suspended with 50 mg of clorpromazina (Largactil®) or haloperidol (Haldol®).


·         Transportation if need be

·         Ceremony Shaman

·         Translator if need be


·         Tips

·         Water for the ceremony

·         Other unmentioned expenses.


·         Warm jacket

·         Rain poncho or waterproof jacket

·         Some fruit such as bananas or apples for the afternoon, after the ceremony

·         Trekking sneakers or shoes

·         Flashlight

·         Do not bring cameras or valuable objects along.