Mystical Terapy in cusco

The work of our mystical therapy consists of integrating therapies of vibration with use of AROMAS, COLORS, CRYSTALS, REIKI, YOGA and stimuli to connect and to harmonize to the physical, mentalmystical therapy, ayahuasca in peru, andean ceremonies peru. and spiritual body. We contact 4 elements: land, fire, water and wind.

This Therapy carries out in conditions of easing, for what it begins with a directed easing. This allows that the recipients should be calm, opened and more receptive. As soon as the recipients have reached a level of relaxation, one proceeds to give the Therapy.

Go through the therapist it is canalized a force that is capable of raising the conscience of the recipient, making it penetrate to less in an immediate level of conscience top the one that was and to be there where one begins to leak a coordinating energy to the interior of the person, who go heal, Invigorating, balancing and preparing to have deep experiences of IF SAME that will allow him to break the vicious circle in the one that moves his personality himself. On having canalized the Spiritual Force, the therapist activates a few points or spiritual centers that all the persons possess and is from this activation that the recipient can notice his multiple limitations that till then were remaining hidden.

The Therapy is a practice that facilitates the direct perception of high spiritual states and sublime like the Peace, the Love, the Freedom or the Happiness, about that generally only one speaks. It is thanks to this that the Therapy is a door towards the meditation, since "it" "shows" to the person been raised that they are in his interior. It is important to emphasize that the Therapy is not associated with any religion, not even particular beliefs. As the yoga, it is a technology that includes all the beliefs and religions without exclusion. In this respect it is very respectful with the persons and his particular relation with God, or the being.


  • Harmonization with Yoga and Meditation outdoors.
  • Tibetanos bowl.
  • Aromas, flowers, colors, floral essences, gems and crystals.
  • Spiritual and energetic Cleanliness.
  • Mantras and sacred singings.
  • Sounds that heal, Meditation with sound.
  • This therapy is realized in the house of retirement of the Sacred Valley of the Incas, every day, they are private therapies, and we do not do groups for our works.

OUR SERVICE INCLUDES:andean ceremonies, ayahuasca in peru, mystical therapy.

  • Teacher of Therapy
  • Therapies with yoga, bowl, flowers, singings, etc.
  • Use of musical Andean instruments.
  • Consultations
  • Recommendations.
  • Translator.
  • Trasporte cusco - sacred valley - cusco.


  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Works or products extras.


  • Rain clothes
  • Photo and video cameras
  • Confortable shoes.