Musictherapy in Cusco

Music therapy is an allied health profession and a field of scientific research which studies correlations between the process of clinical therapy and biomusicology, musical acoustics, music theory, musictherapy, ayahuasca in peru, andean musictherapy.psychoacoustics and comparative musicology. It is an interpersonal process in which a trained music therapist uses music and all of its facets—physical, emotional, mental, social, aesthetic, and spiritual—to help clients to improve or maintain their health. Music therapists primarily help clients improve their observable level of functioning and self-reported quality of life in various domains (e.g., cognitive functioning, motor skills, emotional and affective development, behavior and social skills) by using music experiences (e.g., singing, songwriting, listening to and discussing music, moving to music) to achieve measurable treatment goals and objectives. Referrals to music therapy services may be made by a treating physician or an interdisciplinary team consisting of clinicians such as physicians, psychologists, physical therapists, and occupational therapists.


Affects of the music in the person.

The influence of each one of the elements of the music in the majority of the individuals are:

Time: The slow times, between 60 and 80 pulses per minute, it provokes impressions of dignity, of calmness, of sentimentality, serenity, tenderness and sadness. The rapid times from 100 to 150 pulses per minute, provoke happy, exciting and vigorous impressions.

Rhythm: The slow Rhythm induce to the peace and to the serenity, and the rapid ones are in the habit of producing the activation of the motive force and the need to express feelings, though also they can provoke situations of stress.

Harmony: It is when several sounds sound simultaneously. To the whole set there is called like a chord. Identical consonants are associated with the balance, the rest and the happiness. The dissonant chords associate to the worry, the desire, the worry and the agitation.

Tonality: The major manners are in the habit of being happy, alive and graceful, provoking the extroversion of the individuals. The minor manners present a few different connotations in his expression and influence. They evoke the intimismo, the melancholy and the sentimentality, favoring the introversion of the individual.

The height: The sharp notes act frequently on the nervous system provoking an attitude of alert and increase of the reflections. Also they help us wake up or to extract us of a condition of weariness. The ear is sensitive to the very sharp notes, so that if they are very intense and long they can damage and even provoke the lack of control of the nervous system. The serious sounds are in the habit of producing shaded effects, a pessimistic vision or an extreme tranquility.

The intensity: it is one of the elements of the music that they influence the behavior. This way, a sound or tranquilizing music can irritate if the volume is major that what the person can support.
The instrumentation: The instruments of rope are in the habit of evoking the feeling for his expressive and penetrating sonority. While the wind instruments stand out for his happy and alive power, giving to the compositions a brilliant, solemn, majestic character. The percussion instruments are characterized by his rhythmic, liberating power and that it incites to the action and the movement.

Therapeutic session with vibrant sounds and mystical music that harmonizes and relaxes. Medicinal cosmic music, mantras of the world. It increases the mental creativity and liberates the mind.
With this therapy we obtain:

  • Sacred Healing vibrationsmusictherapy, ayahuasca in peru, andean musictherapy
  • Aura Cleansing
  • Harmonization of energy centers CHACRAS
  • Meditation through sound


  • Teacher of music therapy
  • Andean instruments
  • Instruments of the world
  • Consultations
  • Recommendations
  • Translator
  • Transportations the center of ceremonies.

Does not includes

  • Drinks
  • Tips
  • Extras articles


  • Clothes for rains
  • Photo or video camera
  • comfortable Shoes